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This Is My Story - Alton Brenner

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Chronological MG Diary:



February - mid Month - Mild weariness & stiffness in jaws

February - End of the Month - Blurred vision, difficulty focusing & eyelids began drooping some


March 5 - Appointment with Ophthalmologist - Dr. Halsey Settle, Began seeing double

March 10 - Got new lenses – Did not work at all

March 13 - Saw Dr. Settle, again.  He recommended waiting 3 weeks to see if it would clear up on its own. It didn’t.  Difficulty breathing began. Saw Family doctor, Dr. Greg Marchand, recommended MRI. MRI – normal

March 17-20 - Upper lip and upper teeth began having a tingling sensation

March 24 - Went to Austin Heart Hospital due to shortness of breath, heaviness in arms and past history of heart problems (3 stints in Sept 1996).  Several tests performed:  Cholesterol, Echo Cardiogram, Nuclear & Treadmill Stress, and Carotid Artery Ultra Sound.  Austin Heart kept me overnight & discharged me on March 25th.

Received another pair of lenses.  Helped some, but still had difficulty focusing.  I didn’t feel comfortable driving.

The difficulty in chewing has increased and mild difficulty in swallowing.


April 9 - Appointment with Dr. George Petroff – He suspected MG, but orders blood tests

April 10 - Diagnosis was positive, began taking Mestinon generic–Pyridostigm – 30 mg every 4 waking hrs

April 12 – 26 - Difficulty sleeping, chewing, breathing and swallowing.  Most food had to be pureed.  Mestinon was increased to 4 tablets a day.

April 26 - Appointment with Dr. Petroff.  Reduced Mestinon to 3 tablets a day and began taking Valium to help me sleep.

April 30 - I had to go to Seton Emergency because I had difficulty breathing.  Increased Mestinon to 1 ½ pills every 5 hours.  I heard good news that I could get into IGIV Treatments the next day.  Dr. Petroff explained that it would take 5 to 6 months for the IGIV to really take effect.


May1 - Began first of 5 consecutive days of IGIV treatments.  Gradually began feeling better as the treatment took effect. Began to eat better & feel better. Jaw began to stiffen – some days worse than others, but mostly tolerable.

May 14- Infusion (first at 30 day intervals)  Continued this interval for July, August & September


September 25 - Doctor felt symptoms were increasing and more medicine was needed.  Increased Mestinon to 2 pills every 4 hours.

September 27 - Began IGIV treatments every 3 weeks – this seems to work best for me


October 1 - Began Imuran generic Azathiaprine, 50mg per day. Managed very well through the rest of 2007 and I continue to progress.


January: Doctor decrease Imuran to 25mg per day and Mestinon to 1 ½  pills for last 2 doses

June: Generally functioning well, walking 38 mins per day for exercise.  I drive, mow the grass and do other things that I wasn’t able to do when I first was diagnosed with MG.  I need to take a rest everyday in the afternoon from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on how I spent my morning.  At this point I feel exercise is extremely beneficial and I am blessed to have Dr. George Petroff as my Neurologist.